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I’ve been growing herbs and making medicines for more than 30 years and I want to welcome you to my website.
The majority of plants used in Herb Mamma medicines are grown or wildcrafted at my USDA Organic farm Green Heart Gardens (GHG) in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.
Green, obviously for the plants, also for the color of the Heart Chakra, and the color of money.  GHG is a Profitable, Sustainable, Organic Farm.  I put the profitable first because it’s important to acknowledge that passion goes a long way, however, profit ensure a continuing operation; plus I do need to make a living.


Our Gardens & Practices

Sustainability is equally as important as profit.  Without it farming cannot continue.  My goal is to be a self containing system and I am close.  To begin with, I practice No Till farming for the health of soil and the living miro-organisms that sustain life.  When soil is tilled these micro-organisms  are brought to the surface where they can only live for a little while.  Why is this important?  First because plants need them to survive and thrive.  It takes 3 years of soil not being disturbed to repopulate and plants need them every year.  Second, because plants require nutrients, and if missing from the soil, they need to be put back artificially.  This is done by applying fertilizers (organic and conventional) in which case the soil loses the ability to produce these vital nutrients on its own.


Healthy Soil & Plant Nutrients

So, how do I plant and maintain healthy soil?  I disturb the soil as little as possible.  This is done by taking a shovel  (size depends of plant roots) and sticking it directly in the soil making an X.  Plants are put in the middle and the soil is carefully, gently pushed back together around the stalk of the plant.  I soak the plants for 30 minutes prior to planting instead of watering afterwards.  They are soaked in either compost tea or probiotics for 30 minutes.  This way roots ger to soak up nutrients  directly as opposed to getting what they can from the soil around them.
How do plants get the nutrients they need?  There’s a pathway from roots to micro nutrients that flows both ways.  When a plant needs nitrogen it sends down the chemical nitrogen molecules eat.  The nitrogen follows the path the food took back up to the roots for the plant to process.  When soil is disturbed this process needs help.  I add horsetail to the first few applications of compost tea because horsetail is made of silica.  Silica cells line up from root into soil to facilitate effective communication and feeding.  This is only necessary at the beginning of the growing season.
I add other plants to my compost teas to increase the nutritional value.  These include comfrey, nettles and yarrow. Comfrey helps cells reproduce quickly.  I chop comfrey leaves and even put them in the compost bins to speed up the process.  Nettles is filled with every vitamin, except D, and many minerals in an easily assimilated form (also very good for humans.).  Yarrow is a bio-accumulator; a plant that reaches out and brings things found in the soil back to it.  It accumulates and concentrates which can be used as a nutrient for other plants (Caveat- it will not distinguish between chemicals you want and those you do not want that are in soil.  It is important to have your soil tested for contaminants).  I will be selling these additives in to compost tea in the Spring.
Probiotics for plants?  Yes, for the same reasons humans take them.  To help keep organisms healthy because a healthy organism is better able to ward off disease.  There are commercial brands, like EM-1, or you can make your own, which I am in the process of doing.  Probiotics require a period of fermentation therefore use an anaerobic process.  I put them in a barrel with water and seal for a week, although I do burp them once a day.  I add fish emulsion and a simple sugar prior to applying.  Each plant gets a foliar, or leaf, spray and a root feed.  I sing the Beatles “Love, love you do” as a timer and a way to send love.


Nature is an Intelligent Partner

I do a few things to deal with garden pests.  Of course I encourage beneficial insects by not using chemicals on anything.  I harvest around spider webs, learn what eggs and nests look like, encourage mating (I’ve taken lots of pictures of bugs going at it in the plants)…  I also let some horse nettles grow because they act as a trap for nonbeneficial insects.  Companion planting is another easy way to deal with some unwanted critters.  Turns out many different kinds of worms hate dill.  I interplant dill with hemp and calendula where the worms were starting to be a problem.  Aphids are called to nasturtium.  I plant them by tobacco and anywhere I notice aphids.  Works great and nasturtium flowers are a tasty addition to any salad while being high in vitamin C.
Nature is my Intelligent Partner whom I consult with as if it were a person standing next to me.  Nature tells me what to plant, where to plant it, when to plant it, if I should get it in seed or plant form, even where to purchase it.  How?  I use the Perelandra method where there is Co-Creation between me, Pan as the representative of Nature Spirits and the Devic realm.  I call the Deva for my business and gardens Greenie.
  I connect with my Higher Self and with Greenie and talk about my goals for the coming year, as if I was with a group of colleagues.  I ask a series of yes or no questions and muscle test for the answers.  It can be a challenge when I have an idea I’d like to execute but I’m given a clear No.  Sometimes I go against the advice, and usually regret my decision.
There is an area near the field that has been sectioned off as a Nature Sanctuary.  Humans do not enter it, ever.  It is similar to having a fueling station near my cars.  Nature has a place to rest and refuel so that it can help me and the plants more effectively.


Join us on our medicinal herb farm in Pisgah Valley for classes, tours, camping & more.


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Hip Camp

Peaceful and privacy await you on our farm, pasture and woods, this working herb farm is a haven for rest and exploring. Our land was originally where the Cherokee grew their medicine.  Our farm is USDA Organic and we minimize the amount of chemicals used on it out of respect to the land. Situated 20 minutes from Asheville and 2 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, we are close to civilization and far from the everyday hustle and bustle. This is a great place to unwind in nature.  The frogs eat most of the mosquitos and the fireflies will provide the nightly entertainment.